The Esoteric & The Occult

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Ilya Repin - Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan

Chaos Magick

The idea with chaos magick is not that you can make the impossible possible, but that you can make the less probable more probable. A potential mechanism of action is given here.

Energy & Healing

The body seems to have an energy field of some sort. With some practice you can learn to feel this energy moving within you, and even to move and focus it. It seems that many physical ailments are the result of energy blockages. If some part of the body is energetically neglected then it may degenerate. Conversely, the body seems capable of healing many ailments given adequate energy and attention. Bring your attention to the damaged area. Where your attention goes your energy will tend to follow. Focus your energy onto the damaged area. Bath it in loving energy.


Some occultists believe that many different “species” of souls incarnate on Earth as human. Some of these are “normal” human souls, while others are higher dimensional beings that take human form in order to accomplish some mission. One set of these beings are purported to have the mission of helping the human species elevate itself — to reach the next level of consciousness. But there may be multiple sets of entities operating in parallel, potentially with different goals.