Hi, I’m Jordan. I studied Computer Science in school and worked as a software developer after graduating. I now do research and consulting in the crypto space. My main focus right now is on Ethereum and its applications, specifically Decentralized Finance and DAOs.

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We are in a sinking ship. The systems and institutions that we use for collective sense-making, navigation, and decision-making are all failing around us. Our societal “ship” is sinking — it will sink, it cannot be saved.

But there is hope. We now have the technology to build a new ship. The “World Computer” was the missing piece — the nervous system that is the Internet now has a coordinating “mind”. Now that the system can be made to “think” we can rebuild everything — we can build a new societal “ship” fit for the new age — and we must do this.

If we can build the ship quickly enough we can migrate over without losing too many people… If we do this right we can even defeat Moloch.

Then we face the real challenge of the new aeon of Aquarius: our spiritual crisis (best diagnosed by Nietzsche and Jung). We’ve lost our way spiritually, we’ve lost our soul and North Star — we are adrift in a sinking ship…

We must build a new ship, and chart a new course. This is the task of our aeon.



My mission is to help in the building of this new ship and charting of this new course. The way I’m intending to contribute to this effort is by writing, speaking, and creating art which makes the vision more concrete and tangible.

It is time for man to fix his goal. It is time for man to plant the seed of his highest hope. His soil is still rich enough for it. But this soil will one day be poor and weak; no longer will a high tree be able to grow from it… I tell you: one must have chaos in one, to give birth to a dancing star. I tell you: you still have chaos in you… The time is coming when man will give birth to no more stars…


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